2016 How to hack any ios games iphone,ipad,ipod using iFunbox *Still Working

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▌cryptichacks.com/ ▌

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43 thoughts on “2016 How to hack any ios games iphone,ipad,ipod using iFunbox *Still Working

  1. good morning. it is ios 9. but there arent any really 😢 i have been lookin for days? i have found some but are a year old? ans don't actually work..

  2. i have been searching a hack for "Stardom Hollywood" so far i can seem to find somethin recent to hack this game? my iphone it is jailbroken. but i have tried so many? and
    no luck.. 😭

  3. ok itech chanel? can i do this on a iphone that is jailbroken??? and can it be done on any game?
    stardom hollywood??? is it possible?
    thank you in advance.. 😉

  4. There are a few things I would like to point out to people:

    This method of hacking ONLY works on single player/offline games AND SOME multiplayer games (most of trinity's games for example)

    For games that are server based like Brave Frontier, it is impossible to hack the game this way. In order hack server based games, a change must be done on the server's game data for your account. All client side data will be set to match the server data.

    In case you're wondering, most server based games have anti-cheat systems in place for hackers. This means that if you do change the servers game data, their anti cheat system will ban your account.

    So what's the solution to all this? Keep hacking restricted to single player/offline games. It keeps the community of IOS games better and doesn't affect anyone but you.

  5. Cryptic hacks doesn't work when i click on the game thing to download it it just takes me to the front page. HELP And does anyone have a dragonvale save that works with Ifunbox

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