2020 iPhone SE: Should You Buy It?

The iPhone SE had its official launch day today, with the first orders arriving to customers this morning. We picked up one of the new (PRODUCT)RED ‌iPhone‌ SE models and checked out the design and features in our latest YouTube video, which is worth watching if you’re thinking of making an upgrade from an older ‌iPhone‌.

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39 thoughts on “2020 iPhone SE: Should You Buy It?

  1. I traded in an iPhone XR for a beautiful white one! It has basically the same screen as the iPhone 11 and XR just smaller. No tap to wake screen but you can just touch the sensor, also It has raise to wake so I don’t need to tap to wake if I want to see my screen. I don’t see the difference in tapping the sensor to go home or swiping or tapping to see open apps, I mean really? That different?  I actually “LIKE” the bezels for somewhere to put my fingers without triggering an app which is very frustrating sometimes. I think its a good size for one handed operation without having to stretch your finger to something on the screen. The control panel is much more handy coming from the bottom so you don’t have to reach all the way up to the top of the screen. Fingerprint reader is actually faster than Face ID and you can open your phone laying on the table of taking it out of your pocket . I have a small portable but great Sony a6000 camera for great photography – But I’m so disappointed that it doesnt send text messages or make phone calls…Thank You, great review! 👍😎

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  3. Let's see how the hardware of this "new" SE holds up. I've seen many components problems with first gen of SE provoking overheat, battery drain, not powering on. Hope this time Apple makes a better motherboar for this set. but overall I'm happy for this upgrade on the iPhone 8, my personal phone at the moment.

  4. I have a 6s+…thoughts about waiting for 5G? Everything in the 2020 SE will fit my lifestyle just fine, but feel the better long term investment would be to wait for 5G. I’d really like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  5. I've had my 5s since 2013 so I feel I got my moneys worth out of it ~ This seemed like the proper time to upgrade ~ I was going to wait for 5g but I don't think since I don't play games on my phone I don't think there is much difference ~ I ordered up the 256GB model to be able to handle the already 7000 songs I have on my old phone and also to have room to expand ~ Can't wait to get it in my hands ~

  6. I was going to upgrade from an original SE, but wanted a bigger phone (like a XR) so the rumoured SE Plus was looking good. However with Corona Virus etc. etc. that looked like being years away. So I looked at an iPhone 11! Gosh! I’m glad I did. A lot more money but a lot more phone!

  7. I got mine today. My first apple since the invention of the cell phone. I got fed up with Android only giving 2 years of updates.

    I downsized from the note 8 and am totally loving the screen size. It’s super perfect for me.

  8. I ordered a se 2020 today to replace my old SE 2016….. .wow , its been 4 years already and the old SE is still working but this new SE 2020 will be supported by apples with plenty of free updates for another 5 years,,The faster A13 chip with 3gb of ram at that price was just t good to pass up even if it's bit larger, and I like using a home button and finger print ID. .

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