5 Best Android & iPhone Apps!

Here are five great apps for android and iOS that I’ve been using in the month of November. Let me know some of your favorites in the comments!


Data Wing

Altos Adventure


29 thoughts on “5 Best Android & iPhone Apps!

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  2. A fun game/app that deserves a shoutout is called Uplift! for Android & IOS. In the game you jump through obstacles. You can also collect coins to unlock cool characters. The app looks easy to beat at first but it is pretty challenging. I am not sure if the developers do continuous Contests & Sweepstakes but two months ago they hosted a contest/drawing of $1,000. To enter the contest you had to jump to level 350 at least to enter. I really love this game and I hope it gets featured in your next video, Matthew!

  3. Matthew if you have a Daydream compatible smartphone with a Daydream headset with the controller. Then you have to try out some Daydream apps. From using Chrome within Daydream, to Driving around with Need for Speed VR, Edge of light. Once you try some of these VR apps, then you cannot go back to using a smartphone with regular 2D interface. Check out https://youtu.be/E-M6RpWU14I

  4. Matt, if you're about games with awesome soundtracks then get HORIZON CHASE. It's paid, but has a free trial, and is available on both iOS and Android! The soundtrack is by Barry Leitch who did the music for a bunch of old school console games.

  5. Hey Matt, Great video, had lot of fun watching you play these games briefly. I'm curious, what phone is that? I really like high-end flagships & usually like to know what phone people use (not publiclyb :P) Thanks Matt!!

  6. My picks this week:
    1. TigerBall : An arcade game with great gameplay and vibrant graphics.
    2. AppSales : Notifies about all the sales on play store.
    3. Perfect Moon: This awesome game is gonna trick your brain with its amazing gameplay and superb graphics

  7. Sup? Socratic really good app to find what ever you want, it's great for students. Jina drawer is a cool side bar, and lawnchair is a similar launcher to nova launcher very customizable! TV time to keep track of your favourite s TV shows. Rullo is a game kinda sudoku, very good! Here's my apps, I hope you like them, Cheers

  8. Futurism and AppyGeek are full of trackers and ask for a lot of money for a very trivial convenience. You can instead download a simple RSS app like Flym and use your feedly account for exactly the same effect with the added bonus of no ads, no subscriptions and a lightweight app that does not spy on you.

  9. Here are my favorite apps:

    – Unblock Me (game to pass time)
    – Airshou (might be a better screenrecorder for you)
    – Fing (to see what devices are on the network)
    – HEREWeGo (offline navigation)
    – Glasswire (to see what's going on on the network my device is using)
    – OfficeSuite (for opening Office documents)
    – Screenshot Crop & Share (for more control over screenshots)
    – Backdrops (for my wallpapers)
    – Clipboard manager (to see what's on my clipboard, and to clean it as well)
    – ADM (for better download managing)
    – Brave (better browser with ad blocker and more)
    – Retro Music (clean and great music player)
    – Nova Launcher (the best launcher ever)

    I hope that's enough 😉

  10. QUIZ UP . basically its a quiz game you can play with the people around the world or you can challenge your friends and best part of the app is you can take quiz on any topic you think off

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