7 Android Features That iPhone Doesn't Have

Here are some big feature differences between Android and iPhone! ○ More Top Lists …

37 thoughts on “7 Android Features That iPhone Doesn't Have

  1. I am an android user and we all know that android gives you a lot more features than iPhone but we cannot deny the fact that Apple has designed iOS with  security in mind.

  2. When using iPhone, download MP3 files from websites and save into folder. When opening Apple Music app, songs aren't even loaded up and then I realized that Apple Music app only plays songs offline when you "purchase" them directly from the app itself. Something which I miss from Android. Same thing goes to mp4 files. This is one of the reasons why it is hard for me to switch over to an iPhone unless I buy Android for that purpose and iPhone for communication.

  3. Customisations are for children who just like playing with their phones all day long, rather than using it. Nice two parter Thio😉

  4. Funny how you said "That's what I used when I was using Android…." I know you said that it's not a video about which is better, but just curious, why don't you use Android anymore?

  5. The only default app you can change on iOS is the keyboard app. On Android you can change The default voice assistant app, browser, home launcher, phone app, sms app, video app, photos app etc. You can also change the way links are opened(within the app or externally with the app you chose).

  6. Right,,, Because Google/Android stole everything from iPhone and Steve Jobs sued them quit often and complained publicly about it and you know nothing…. Android is a poor copy and doesn’t work as well. iPhone was a much more stronger and honest company when THE FOUNDER STEVE JOBS WAS ALIVE BUT WE STILL HAVE WOZ….. You Suck. (: (;

  7. Yeah, notification led light on android. They disappeared a long time ago. And much to my disgust. The blink on displays works ok but I liked it way better when I prop up my phone on top of tool box at work and I could tell at a glance the led light flashing away when a txt message came thru. How something that seems so simple and worked so well could get deleted from android phones is totally beyond me. No sensible reason ever given.

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