An Android User's Perspective: Two Weeks with the iPhone 6s

An Android user checks out iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s as his daily driver for a couple of weeks.

Feature Part 1 & 2:

iPhone 6s skin by dbrand:


32 thoughts on “An Android User's Perspective: Two Weeks with the iPhone 6s

  1. US Cellular has no stock android phones this year. I've dealt with Samsug/non-stock android devices. They are horrible. The bloat is so bad that running Youtube (Even at potato resolutions like 140p) stutters like hell. Unwatchable. iOS is a bit restricted but it does have epic OS performance and it isn't bloated down. Given the choice between a Galaxy S7 edge or an iPhone 7+, I gotta go iPhone. I do hate iTunes though. XD

  2. Also Siri in iOS 10 is much better .more accurate and in macOS Sierra it's excellent on my iMac they have really improve everything in Siri .

  3. iOS 10 better for notifications now pull down swipe across you got weather reminders calendar events etc also can add more notification widgets so it's much better than iOS 9

  4. Didn't watch any of the video, and refuse to watch any of it. Just wanted to stop in here and say the title is retarded. Makes no sense. Comparing an entire OS tree to a single phone? Fuck off.

  5. hmm… i think on ios every in single app you can slide from the left edge of the screen to get the back button.. and if it is not there's always back button on the left up corner screen.. so that's not truly annoying for me altough i'm using android and ios alternately..

  6. I'm thinking about switching to an Iphone when it comes out (or an 6S). I have a Samsung galaxy S5…should I make the switch or stay with samsung? I've been curious about the Iphone for a while…

  7. iOS guideline back button is literally just slide from the left side to the right it isn't that hard to do. Granted while you were using 3D Touch I could tell you were struggling lol.

  8. If you want to know what the weather is like just look outside your window if you can't be bothered pulling down the notification centre

  9. I love it when people use Samsung's crap to represent Android. Samsung doesn't represent us. Droid is the Nexus, Turbo, G5, etc. if it doesn't use stock Android we don't consider it Droid. sorry Samsung.

  10. Personally i feel 3d touch is overhyping…  Am using it on iPhone 6s… N don't find it too exciting. Yes they're are fewer apps,  but even then one had to remember which all had 3d touch and which doesn't…  N it kinda irritates me… When i go trying 3d touch on apps which don't support it

  11. Back in the day when I had the old iPhone 5 iOS is pretty poor after three years of using android Galaxy s4 and Sony z2 I have returned to Iso is my 6s plus I am very impressed Apple have done a amazing job. Sorry Android maybe in three years time I will consider switching if I see what I like

  12. Thank goodness iOS doesn't have a back button, I would be hitting it all the time and it would piss the shit out of me also it's useless when going back is just a swipe from the left side!

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