App Review: Robinhood – Fee-Free Stock Trading on Your iPhone

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45 thoughts on “App Review: Robinhood – Fee-Free Stock Trading on Your iPhone

  1. Hi how are you my friend my name is Ammar and I just saw this app and I'm totally half broke so I need to do some thing about my financial situation I need an advice and really I can make good money here I'm waiting for your answer thanks

  2. People who have made this =>> ( ) have done years of research in this field before making this app and it is quite evident from the results that it produces from the very first day of use. I can say all that because I am using it myself and I have never seen anything like this before. So hop on and try this app right now because you’ll never get a better one.

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  4. Hey guys does anyone else have problems reaching customer service or transferring their money back to their account or did everyone just rate this before they even tried..?

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    Build a Trading Plan/System. Every trader develops their own individual trading system like this >>(Details Here>>>, depending on the amount of time they dedicate to trading. Traders with more time may adopt a day trading strategy, while others might prefer longer term positions. Whatever trading style you adopt, stick to your trading plan. Many new traders switch approaches when they experience losses, however, one or two losing trades don’t necessarily mean that your system isn’t going to be successful.

  6. What is happening here really? Lot of guys are just trying to make you believe the scams. Shitt! My team and I used eleven systems this year to help us while trading. But, believe me, only one stuff responded well as it was stated before getting registered. Avenger Trader, App Stock Robot, Verified Trader, Profit Maximizer and six more were just typical scam. We were lucky to have RTS profit system eventually. Just check it out here to see why it is different>>> ._

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  8. The BZ App ===>>(Details Here >>> provides you with an algorithm running on speed and high end computers which allows you to bid and trade faster. The company has only lost money once in four years which is quite a success. You can use their FC Investment system on your desktop or Smartphone app for easy access without any restrictions.

  9. The app crashes frequently. When the bell rang today the service crashed and cost me a good trade. Took loses where I should have took gains. Direct result of this app. It may be worth more to pay a little and get a reliable service.

  10. With stocks like this you can participate with just a watchful eye, basic understanding of stock, market fluctuations, critical thinking when analyzing news, and understanding trends. You can make some lose some with low level amounts of cash, and quite a few millenials have become self made millionaires by saving up money for stocks, and using apps like Robin Hood to invest and monitor the markets throughout the day. We are constantly on our phones, so the idea of targeting millenials with an app is very smart. We pretty much thrive on our phones.

  11. I was losing whole a lot of my time and money, and I didn’t know what I could do that can get out of that horrible situation. ( ) saved me because I was fortunate enough to hear about it from a friend of mine who has years of experience in binary option trading and he has literally checked out every app in the market.

  12. awe lol we are mostly broke LOL… but you can use credit to do trades if you really feeling like rolling the dice. how easy is sell stocks and retrieve money from the robin hood account? also maybe I missed this but how does robin hood make its money? just from holding on to peoples money like a bank?

  13. If your money is within the Robinhood realm; Isn't that value added to the company, and becomes their asset till you use your account? They are only removing one slice of the pie that TD, Schwabe, and Merrill take in trading fees and gives them leverage of their own having your capitol in house. That can become a lot of cash in one pot. Meaning they can float it to make profits in bonds while the pool gets bigger. Banks makes interest on investments too. Great model. Don't know all the games companies use to make in house cash, but RH will do well I predict. Great first show.

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