Apple iPhone XS Max – Hands On

One of the most frequent criticisms we’ve heard about the iPhone X is that its 5.8-inch screen simply isn’t big enough. Last year, big-screen lovers had to opt for the less fully featured iPhone 8 Plus to get the most real estate. Not anymore. Apple’s new iPhone Xs Max has a much bigger screen than the iPhone X, and all the same top-shelf features. It’s the perfect option for people who want to upgrade from older Plus models.

We do think the name is a bit of an unfortunate mishap….

36 thoughts on “Apple iPhone XS Max – Hands On

  1. An official statement about my opinion, that no one will read:

    In many ways an ultimate phone, even if there are others ultimate phones. Three things missing to make it perfect:
    – Added AdobeRGB display gamut, and option to select sRGB, P3, AdobeRGB, “MAXimalRGB” (work with images, and there are such LED displays).
    – Pressure sensitive stylus—not necessarily the iPen. The Wacom ones are okay, but have issues with drawing straight diagonal lines (work with digital images, and like to sketch and take handwritten notes).
    – Support for the best codec for Bluetooth music streaming: APTX (or even better: offer a chargeable small AirPlay receiver with a headphone connector for lossless wireless music with your favorite headphones). It is a shame Apple has removed the headphone connector without offering the best in wireless music transmission. APTX would cost them a few cents per unit.

    Being used to the iOS ecosystem since 10 years back, I don’t want to switch—just to much time and trouble for me. And I just never liked some Android features. Otherwise I might go Samsung Note.

  2. I’ve only used iPhones. I love iOS for its simplicity. I’m currently using the iPhone 7 and would love to upgrade to the iPhone Xs Max but that price is a major issue. I might wait another year or two before I upgrade.

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