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There are also many voice effects and camera filters which makes this app an excellent alternative to Snapchat. When you talk about Snapchat alternatives, the app which is closest to it has to be Instagram. However, it has added several features over the years and has become much more than just a photo-sharing app. Another facebook’s product, worldwide accepted and loved is Messanger Day. This Snapchat alternative for iOS and android works the same way as Snapchat. You can easily turn the images into memes adding multiple layers on them.

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The temporality of posts also means that the potential for networking is limited compared to competitors. Snapchat isn’t typically an app where you meet new people but mainly connect with people you already know. However, Snapchat has since added a Discover news feed similar to Instagram’s Explore tab or TikTok’s For You page. They’ve also added a Spotlight tab, which features 60-second video clips to flick through, similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. The most notable Snapchat filters are face filters and masks that are powered by a machine learning algorithm.

Best Apps Like Snapchat – Top Alternatives in 2023

The only downside is that Bigo Live doesn’t have filters or self-destructing messages other apps like Snapchat have. You can share encrypted text, videos, and images with a unique feature named shredder that permanently deletes all photos, videos, and messages. It keeps your Wickr ID anonymous to ensure extra privacy so that you can remain secure from unwanted people. Also, you don’t need a phone number or any email to use the app.

another app like snapchat

If you like sharing your story, you can use the “My story” feature. Considering its appearance and functions, it is a decent replacement for Snapchat. This article will help you find 8 Apps like Snapchat that allow you to communicate with friends and share snaps or images with filters. After reading this article, you will learn about more apps similar to Snapchat.

How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat Easily

Our mobile devices enable instant and constant communication with our loved ones and work colleagues. However, not all options are always the best, as we’ve seen with Snapchat. It’s a go-to app for many users, who love it for its integration of eCommerce, which Snapchat doesn’t provide, and exclusive deals and coupons to share with family and friends. LINE offers encrypted chats and you can follow brands or artists on the platform. You can also set up albums and share with others or watch videos from YouTube together in-call.

  • When surveyed, the average time spent on Snapchat is 25 to 30 minutes a day.
  • It’s a place where you can find funniest memes, viral videos, and funny GIF’s.
  • We all know Instagram as a photo-sharing app, but it could also be an excellent alternative to Snapchat.
  • Need to share a file from your device, computer, or something stored in the cloud?
  • Snapchat was the first app to follow the mobile-first direction for social media.
  • Overall clip chat is simple fast messenger app with some good security features.

It has a simple interface with many sharing options, such as creating GIFs or music videos, making it a fun choice for creating social content. Snapchat has become a household name in the regular rotation of social media platforms. Within a year of launching, the app took off with ten million users by 2012 and now has over 360 million users today. Who would have thought that disappearing texts and stories would be so popular? What is it doing right, and are there any rain clouds in what appears to be sunshine and rainbows? We’ll look at some of the pros and cons of Snapchat and a list of the best alternatives you should consider using instead.


Everyone knows about Facebook, After Orkut, it is the oldest social networking site. Recently Facebook introduced two new features in its Android App. First one is stories which are same feature that Snapchat and Instagram offer.

It’s like a digital photo album to collect all your precious moments under one roof. Telegramis an easy-to-use and secure mobile messaging app. It tops the list of the apps like Snapchat for Android and iOS. The app is said to be the fastest messaging app on the market. Telegram connects people through its unique network of distributed datacenters situated all over the globe.

The best apps like Snapchat for Android

Snapchat has since evolved rapidly and is now one of the most commonly used instant messaging services. Snapseed has an unusual filter based interface that can be used individually or in combination. It initially looks like a simple maker of image effects, but actually also has standard and efficient tools for enhancing images. Reddit is known as the internet homepage for legitimate purposes.

But still, this app is alternative to Snapchat in terms of security. Because it allows sending “end to end encryption” to the messages. Apart from text, App has the functionality to send videos, pictures, and files securely. Cyberdust is a very powerful instant messenger, consisting of amazing tools. You can also send stickers, GIFs, animations, URLs along with images which will disappear after a few minutes.

Exactly what are AI chatbots?

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It’s completely accessible across platforms and devices—which is great, because you can either be on your computer or use your mobile device, you have options. Clipchat is another messaging App with some really cool features. Although this app completely looks like Snapchat it is much simpler than Snapchat in terms of user interface. It comes with self – vanishing photo option which is way better than Snapchat. When you send the photo to someone on Clipchat, first it shows blurred preview. But when you click on the photo it first shows animation then other people will able to see photo.

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After you have clicked on an image or video, you’ll have two options to go forward. If your video or picture is not what you’ve expected, then you can pick the ‘reshoot’ option. The second choice is a draw that indicates your work is good and that you’re able to edit and apply. A novice user may consider that MSQRD is a mediocre face filter application. Anyone familiar with face filters, however, knows an MSQRD-Cinderella tale well.

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