Best Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone

Looking for the BEST Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone? Here’s our pick (and why!) after testing a TON of autocue and iPhone/iPad Teleprompter Apps! **** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone! ► iPhone: ► Android:

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iPhone & iPad Teleprompter App:
► Video Teleprompter Lite…

39 thoughts on “Best Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone

  1. Unfortunately, I bought this premium app and it‘s not working at all. There is not even a button for make it work. I hope I get my money back 🙁

  2. Hello. I just downloaded this app, however there is a lot of background noise. I initially thought it was my iphone but when I did a video outside of the app, the noise was gone. Do you have any recommendations? Maybe I did something wrong in the settings??

  3. Hi. This Video is 2 1/2 years old now. Does your recommendation has changed or do you still recommend this app? If you still recommend it, can you answer me please if i can change the video and audio quality / source manually?

  4. Hi Justin. Thanks a lot for this. Got a question: I do YouTube live streams for work. Can I use teleprompter on the same iPhone I’m doing the YouTube live? Basically, can teleprompter app be active on my screen as I’m doing a YouTube live? Thanks in advance.

  5. Hey Justin, thanks for the vid. The app sounds great, and inexpensive considering what pro ones cost. My question is about being able to stop, start, and slow down the prompter while doing a live video/podcast. Sometimes I ad-lib during a 30-minute show to get to the 30-minute mark. While the whole script is written out, there are times I need to "add a little" to get to the end, which is fine in podcasting (and I do read from the script with my podcasting) since nobody knows how I'm pacing myself. But I want to add a video to my podcast, and I'm wondering how I can stop at certain points w/o it being obvious, i.e., holding a remote that works the teleprompter would be ideal, but I'm not sure this app would give me that feature. So, the perfect world for me would be the ability to manually stop, start, and slow down the teleprompter via Bluetooth. I could have someone operating the app off-screen. Thoughts? Thanks again for the video. – Rick

  6. I downloaded Teleprompter Premium. I added a script. When I tapped on the script, my phone reverted back to my phone icons. This happened several times. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Same exact thing happened. I am at a loss🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. i bought the "telepromter for video" because i could try it fully with 750 characters, the interface is simple and provides the essential functionality, it was a bit pricey $15 (i'm not cheap just strapped on cache atm) but hey developers need to make money too, which unlocked unlimited characters. tried the other ones like prof.hornet but couldn't figure out if i could make the text smaller and place it next to the camera before buying… so the one i mentioned is really the best.

  8. Tip #4 newbies on promoter start to raise their chins and read down their noses. After years of tutoring teleprompter I don’t know why newbies do it so much.

  9. Incredibly valuable content thanks, Justin. Your channel has removed (or offered easy to follow and clear solutions to) many of the obstacles that were in my way (some of them being myself!), and have taken me from a “how the hell?” mentality to “bring it on!”. I’m so excited about getting my own channel out there now, thanks to you. All the best, mate

  10. I downloaded the "Video Teleprompter Premium" app to my iPhone and when I tap on the script that copied over, the app crashes and quits. What can I do to fix this? I updated the operating system on my iPhone, I updated the app and I restarted my phone. The problem is still there. Do you know what I can do to fix this? Thank you!

  11. Thank you for this! I’m going to check this out. A lot of my content is ad lib with a script outline but I feel like this could be a game changer for Intro and outro content! Love your videos, they have been immensely helpful getting my new channel going 😄

  12. Hi justin ! Excellent vidéo ! Your teleprompter software requires iOS 11 ! If you have another name for iOS 10, the last one my iPhone can support… Thanks !

  13. I have just purchased the teleprompter premium. For some reason i can't seem to find how to put the writing or text to the left hand side of the screen as in this video. Help would be appreciated

  14. Hi! Love your videos. They are super helpful. I’d prefer to use the back face camera on the iPhone and have a TelePrompTer app on an iPad sitting right below the phone. Can you recommend an iPad app for this? Another YouTuber was using On Air app but that seems to be discontinued.
    Any tips?
    Mostly because I want to use the higher resolution side of the iPhone camera lens.

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