Best Video Editing App for iPhone & iPad (2020 Review!)

The BEST video editors for iPhone & iPad in 2020! Here’s our 2020 review of the leading options, and our pick for the best video editing app for iPhone (and iOS) this year.

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Best iOS Video Editor in 2020:
► Lumafusion –

► Adobe Rush –
► Inshot –
► VLLO -…

43 thoughts on “Best Video Editing App for iPhone & iPad (2020 Review!)

  1. My favorite is videoleap
    edit: it's good for short video, I am trying to find one that holds large files and walked across this video

  2. Hey Justin, I’ve been using the paid VLLO for about a month. Getting copyright issues on the music side. What should I do? I have bought luma fusion, but need to learn it properly.

  3. Adobe Rush has good features but it's very glitchy. I spent the whole day editing a video – it took extra long because of all of the glitches. When I finally finished it blacked out a large section, which couldn't be fixed. A whole day wasted!

  4. 40 dollar as for that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you guys have mental problems how is that even I App Store omg crazy world I just have no words

  5. The two I tend to use are:
    Filmmaker Pro – if I wanna make a quick video
    LumaFusion – Big project edits for school/work

    I was skeptical buying LumaFusion at first because I never spent over $10 on an app but this was the best $30 dollars I spent. I’ve had this editing software for years and 100% recommend it if you’re editing on an iPhone. Yes the price might seem high, but it really isn’t. Other filming apps are charging you $5-10 a month, A MONTH, that of course will clearly add up and it still doesn’t have as much features as LumaFusion. If you aren’t heavy in the editing I say get Filmmaker Pro, otherwise spend the money on LumaFusion. You won’t regret it (so many features in an app that’s only $30).

  6. I was so frustrated and confused before I found your video. I’m popping over to but lumafusion. I immediately subscribed and will be watching A LOT of your videos as I set up my YouTube channel and re-edit my videos. Thank you sooooooooooooo much.

  7. I am definitely a beginner and most of your video, while helpful was like me asking you to tell me about the Rule Against Perpetuities! or the RAP rule (lawyer stuff). I can see now that I went through the video that you are in fact, quite advanced. Thanks.

  8. After I shot the video with iphone11, the editing in iphone was very fast. But if you put the video in the PC, editing the video is very slow, I found that the reason is the h264 encoding. So I converted the h264 encoding to divx, and the editing speed became faster. I don't have a mac computer. My question is whether the editing of h264 video by mac computer is as fast as iphone11, and it does not need to be converted to divx. Thank you

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