Best Video Editing App For iPhone? iPad, iOS 2017

Looking for the best video editing app for iPhone or iPad? Whether you’re searching for an Instagram video editing app an iPhone app or a video editing application for you iPad, Videorama has you covered. Videorama is not just a good video app, it’s a great one!

Videorama is full featured, powerful and yet simple to use. In this in-depth videorama tutorial video I’ll share just how easy it is to incorporate text, sound effects, music and more. Dig it!

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37 thoughts on “Best Video Editing App For iPhone? iPad, iOS 2017

  1. hi Brian, thanks for the heads up on videorama, I have been using it for the last year or so on my iPhone, but now want to use on a MacBook, but its not available, do you have any alternatives, or a solution, thanks in advance aaanton11

  2. This is video pro right for 4.99 a month? U think that's worth it? I got the trial and they shut me down right smack after 30 days ! 🙁 I like it but is 4.99 a month a deal for what u get ?

  3. I did everything you said and went to hit share to utube and it said Not enough disc space. I have deleted tons of stuff put all my pictures on icloud and it still will not send to utube. Do you know why and how I can fix this irritating problem b/c I worked so D!*# hard on my intro and video. Help me 🙁

  4. App is awesome to use, I paid for the one off version, the hubby loved my new affects, simple but gives the video some unexpected interest 🙂 I’m learning every day with your help 🙂

  5. Great video! Do you recommend completely finishing your project in iMovie and exporting it to your photo/video library and then editing it in videorama? Or separately edit each individual clip in videorama and then bring them together in iMovie?

  6. I see many has issues with videorama approx a year ago. I’ve had my iPad mini for loooong time, but after the latest updates in iOS I do think you guys outta try to see if videorama isn’t working? For its iOS 11 now (right)anywho I was able to download it and it’s free so you’ve nothing to loose by trying! So I’d advice you to try again to see if not, videorama doesn’t work, as we all got new updates!!! And this video was made when we all had ios9 (I did) but try! Good luck!
    Btw iMovie DO have many awesome effects and if you find another app to it, you’re able to create cool videos without videorama IF you still have issues! So don’t give up folk! Good luck!
    Xoxo MonsterMom 💋

  7. I actually payed for the app thnx you your video here BUT I can’t use it! For all my photos and videos are stuck on iCloud before I say Boo! How do I solve this issue? I’ve watched many videos but it only shows how to disable iCloud and that’s not what I want as I wanna keep the pics(I think?) but I’ve found out I can’t use ANY pics/videos cuz it’s on iCloud and even though I go to
    The video I wanna use for videorama, it doesn’t help, the app won’t let me use it because there’s a cloud on it! Can you plz plz help or I just lost money on an app I’ll never be able to use!

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