Bypass iPhone 4 iCloud Full Activation and Jailbreak Untethered and No Service Fix

This video will help you fully activate your iPhone 4 and no service problem might also get fixed if your iPhone is NOT carrier locked!
You will also learn how to Jailbreak Untethered using PANGU Jailbreak for iOS 7.1.2

You can log in to your own account and iTunes on the phone and install any application you want. You can use iTunes for backups, music sync, and so on.
I decided to update the video I made back in May 2015 as I wanted a greater sound/image quality. Enjoy 1080p HD.


27 thoughts on “Bypass iPhone 4 iCloud Full Activation and Jailbreak Untethered and No Service Fix

  1. sup bro ,tried this method on three device and they all keep giving me unsupported device detected info, and the devices are all in dfu mode…….any ideas

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    what is wrong

  3. instead of using a program to exit recovery mode you can just do ./reboot_bak in terminal and then you wont go into recovery in the first place

  4. I successfully bypassed my iphone 4 but i cant find your files, so i just deleted the setup then i cant connect it to itunes but it is usable, actually im using it right now. The only problem is i cant connect it then it says no service. Where can i get your files, the caches and network?

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