Caleb Shows You How To Control Your iPhone 11 Pro Like a DSLR Camera

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42 thoughts on “Caleb Shows You How To Control Your iPhone 11 Pro Like a DSLR Camera

  1. Does the app have shutter/aperture priority, or does it go full manual when you set one or the other? (My Sony NEX-C3 has a priority mode where when you choose one, the other automatically adjusts. It's sort of like "semi-auto" mode…)

  2. Hello, My name is Philip Smith and I image the ISS from my backyard. I am looking for an app for my iPhone 11 Pro that I can have a Crosshair overlay as an option. I would like to move it up or down or side to side and increase or decrease the intensity of the crosshair. I plane on using it as a video viewfinder as part of a tool in tracking the the ISS. I will try to keep the ISS on the crosshair in the iPhone as I image with a camera in the main imaging telescope. The iPone will be mounted on the telescope. Can you add this in your software app ? If not do you know of an app that will do this for me? This is a sample of one of my ISS videos:

  3. just wondering, wy everytime i shoot in raw, and try to edit it, the pictures that cameout from the raw format always have a different look compare to when we are about to shoot it?? so it's different with the preview when we are shooting raw.

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