Can An iPhone Get A Virus? Here's The Truth!

In this video, a former Apple tech answers a hotly debated question: can an iPhone get a virus? His answer: yes!

Your iPhone can get infected with malware, software designed to damage or disable your iPhone. Viruses are a type of malware.

What can you do to prevent getting an iPhone virus? First of all, don’t jailbreak your iPhone. You’ll be exposed to many new apps that haven’t gone through Apple’s strict app review process.

Secondly, update your iphone regularly. Software…

27 thoughts on “Can An iPhone Get A Virus? Here's The Truth!

  1. If I got the notification of a virus got scared and downloaded the app opened it till it said i had to pay for things and then deleted it am I safe?!?😂😅

  2. So the pop ups that are supposed to scare you I downloaded the app that it recommended then sent me strait to the App Store. And it downloaded and app to protect me is that good? a virus? Please help me I need answers

  3. Now what if apps are crashing and you try to delete photos and they don’t delete? cause that’s what my 8plus does and sometimes the contacts will only show the number and not the names

  4. Mine said 2 virus detected on your iPad and in the other screen it said I had 4 and said to download an app I didn’t know so I didn’t do anything XD now I see that I’m lucky I didn’t download it

  5. Ahhhh thanks I was looking for some school website and accidentally clicked on some website and it was like this phone is now infected with like 27 viruses I literally freaked out

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