checkra1n Android App TWRP Jailbreak iPhone/iPad (checkra1n App)

A Demo of a checkra1n Android app I made for one tap execution of checkra1n in TWRP custom recovery for Rooted Android phones. Download links and blog post info below. This project is fully open source under the BSD Zero Clause License. Github links in my blog post.

Blog post (GitHub/Google Play links here):

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9 thoughts on “checkra1n Android App TWRP Jailbreak iPhone/iPad (checkra1n App)

  1. Hope this makes things a little easier for people. Thanks for all your support!


    Rooted Android device

    USB-C to USB-A Adapter

    TWRP Custom Recovery

    Supported iOS/tvOS device

  2. app wont install on my marshmallow tab but i am able to get all the way through terminal when i put phone in dfu it says phone busy or crashed im trying to jailbreak with new checkrain 12 beta iphone 8 plus

  3. Must be doing something wrong When I’m in dfu mode. When I connect it restarts my ipad. If I connect beforehand it doesn’t recognize my device is in dfu mode. (Ipad mini 4. 13.6) all directions followed exactly.

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