Chicago's Best iPhone Travel App – 312Go

312Go has thousands of audio bytes positioned around Chicago’s downtown and near north neighborhoods. As you move around the city, geo-fences are triggered and our guide, Pete, will automatically tell you about buildings, streets, parks, and landmarks as you approach and pass them. You will discover a whole new world right here in Chicago!


– Audio files triggered automatically by your location and direction of motion
– Designed to be used hands-free (No specific routes to…

2 thoughts on “Chicago's Best iPhone Travel App – 312Go

  1. What an awesome app! Just was in Chicago recently and I used it the entire time. My kids 9 and 5 really got into it as well. We've never walked so much. Terrific day!

  2. It appears as if there are going to be facts and stories that are not commonly known by the average person.  Will look forward to learning more about different areas of Chicago.

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