Complete eSIM Guide | Setup, test & supported phones

This eSIM guide explains what an Embedded SIM is, reveals the main benefits and shows you how to setup and get started with eSIM on your supported iPhone or Android smartphone. It only takes a few minutes to bag yourself an online data plan, and the good news is it’ll work alongside your existing contract – good news if you want to travel a lot or simply upgrade your existing package temporarily.

For this test, KnowRoaming provided me with a press European package. I used the iPhone XR but…

29 thoughts on “Complete eSIM Guide | Setup, test & supported phones

  1. What if u have 2 phones say one phone is a bussines phone the other phone is a personal phone, could u switch the esim off on one phone then turn it on the other esim phone, then when u have finished using the other phone u can turn it off that phone then turn it back on the first phone, so u wont be tethering so not using 2 devices at the same time, say if u wanted to only pay for one ISP plan not 2 isp plans.

  2. And with eSIM it also becomes much more easy for authorities and company's to watch you even more and control your phone, yeah. They might be able to simply route calls differently without your knowledge by a simple backdoor implementation of Google/Apple & Co… I'm getting to the point that I dont want any of these devices anymore in my life.
    It simply all comes down to one point: Make everything digital and identifiable electronically -> Create behavior profiles of costumer -> Link a real person to the previously generated profile (it always comes to that point if you're using stuff like an iPhone or Android device) -> Generate profit from your data/Sell you data -> Repeat.
    What a wonderful world we all live in with our sooo good and well designed fu***d-up phones, as this is what you always wanted xD

  3. How easy is it to switch between data plans? For example if you want to use a browser for personal use during your working day or vice versa. Would you have to go into settings and toggle the plans each time?

  4. I really hate companies that carve up their data plans by avoiding my most common consumption per month of between 2gb and 3Gb. Knowroaming only has 1Gb and then the next one is 5Gb. Why do companies always bracket their plans around the 2Gb and 3Gb values? Totally suspect 🙂

    Also, if you have an eSim currently active but wish to switch to another carrier's eSim plan, do you just scan in the new QR code and the previous eSim plan is overwritten?

  5. The beauty of esim (also vsim) is that you do not need a phone package at all. Once you have data at all time, you only need a phone app (like Google Voice/Hangout in the USA, totally free or a Magic Jack …) and you have a global phone for real cheap no matter where you go. (data packages are cheaper then voice packages and no roaming). I travel and where I go, I buy a sim card – data only – but had the trouble to open and change the card… now, none of that! Awesome. And with my phone apps, I keep an American and a Canadian number (old man here, called a snowbird when we go south for the winter) and with this my friends and family can call me and I can call them and be in Greece or France and it's just the same for them since my phone numbers are US and Canada base! Viva esim! (And my unlocked phone offers me 2 sim card slots, that I do not use and yet, I can get as many business / family/ friends / numbers that I need – quite more then just 2 because of the sim cards with my phone apps!!! 🙂 ) Ok, just saying since you did not seem so thrilled by it! lol

  6. What happens say on a Sunday night your iPhone gives up the ghost for whatever reason & you have your e sim on the iPhone you’re using. You have a spare iPhone that supports e sim, how do you transfer the e sim across to the new phone?

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