Construction Cost Estimator App for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Construction Cost Estimator helps contractors prepare on-site estimates for construction projects. The app saves time and money by letting contractors quickly and easily create an estimate and then email it to the customer as a PDF. Users in the U.S. and Canada may optionally install 3 different Craftsman Costbooks containing detailed cost breakdowns for over 30,000 common construction items. The app is available in a Mac version for $39.99, an iPad version for $29.99, and an iPhone version…

24 thoughts on “Construction Cost Estimator App for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone

  1. hi, just getting ready to download the app. before I do just wanted to ask if when purchasing the craftsman books do they also come with the prices or do we have to put each item in individually?

  2. Joel,
    Hi there, I purchased you app a year ago but can't now open it as it says its damaged and can't be opened, delete and down load it again from the app store, however it appears I have to pay for it again? how can I download it again with having to pay for it again?

  3. Joel,
    I am from Australia, as we don't have your national costing schedule, can you insert our own sqm pricing etc? can you also change to Metric, meters etc? 
    We also have GST Tax over here I'm assuming we can set the tax rate to 10% Thanks

  4. Thank you for the quick reply. 
    I'm interested in a mac osx and linux (if any) version. 
    Where do I purchase and how much would it cost?

  5. Can i change the currency that it reports costs on? 
    Can I revise the labor rates and unit costs of cost items?
    Can I add a cost item that is purely services and use a quantity like manhours applied to a labor rate (no materials involved)?

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