Convert An iPhone 6 to a 2020 iPhone SE for $35

I found an iPhone conversion kit online for $35 to convert an old iPhone 6 into a 2020 model iPhone SE lookalike. The new body has a glossy black finish to mimic the glass back of the iPhone SE and changes the shroud around the camera to look a little bigger like the more modern iPhone camera. The kit includes a new phone body along with new buttons, so you’ll need to move all of the electronic components, display and logic board over to the new body.

This upgrade is purely cosmetic, so it…

4 thoughts on “Convert An iPhone 6 to a 2020 iPhone SE for $35

  1. I would do it to my 6 but the only problem is that there would be no point the digitiser is unresponsive after survia water damage😭😭 so I am stuck using my 2011 iPhone 4s

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