Design Finance App UI Adobe Xd For iPhone Xs – Speed Art Tutorial

Today I will be designing Finance Mobile App UI for iPhone Xs in Adobe Xd.

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38 thoughts on “Design Finance App UI Adobe Xd For iPhone Xs – Speed Art Tutorial

  1. Hello @Pixel Amazer you videos its amazing thnx very much 😀 but can i ask u what its parellax ? can i put design on my website ? thnx ! 😀

  2. Are there any specific gray colors used commonly by UX designers ?..Because I find a lot of gray color used but cannot find any references as to why they are used ?

  3. I’m not a graphic designer or anything I just started messing around with xd and wow, can’t wait to reach this level. I’m gonna practice every time I get the chance

  4. Hey i want to get into the field as a ui designer, should i start with sketh/xd and figma trying to design websites and mobile prototypes with like udemy and utube tutorials?

    And should i get in a 3 year graphic design school or a different one like a ux one ?

    I would like to find a job as a designer in vector design.

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