External Storage on iOS 13 & iPadOS: Everything You Need To Know

Here is how to use external storage devices like SD cards, thumb drives, flash drives, HDDs, SSDs, and more on iPad and iPhone with iPadOS and iOS 13.

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47 thoughts on “External Storage on iOS 13 & iPadOS: Everything You Need To Know

  1. What about optical drives like Apple’s SuperDrive? I have a ton of old files backed up onto CD-ROMs that I would love to be able to access on my iPad. I understand that iOS and iPadOS don’t have any software for watching movies on DVDs or Blu-ray Disks, but can Files grab files off a disk? Thanks!

  2. What is said is some devices won’t power up. I have a few external enclosures that I put hard drives in from dead computers. They have a power jack on them. So if I plug in the proper power supply I could be in business?

  3. Ok, looks like apple finally converted me from Android, at least partly. I'll likely never get an iPhone, but since I'm able to freely move files to and from an iPad, Android has finally lost the single most important advantage it had over apple, in my eyes. That coupled with the fantastic drawing and musical aspects of the iPad makes this a must have for me

  4. HI! Hope you can answer me…. How much Volts/wattage/power did you use or need to be able to use 2 external hard dive at the same time? Planning to buy the 8in1 uni hud too…. do I need to buy a more powerful pd charger?

  5. Great video! Some ssd work with iPhone 11 and iPad and some don’t work! ssd we passport works well on iPad but not with iPhone iOS 13! That means I need to get another ssd for iphone

  6. Our entire military operations just got rid of all the apple operating systems, lack of convenience unable to connect external devices to support major operations we lost hundreds/millions of gov funds assuming that these apple product was cutting edge… We recently followed the path of the NFL switch back over to the following: Microsoft/Androids which allow us to connect straight to our choice of external devices without skipping a beat. Don't get it wrong, it sure sounds good to have an Apple product.

  7. How about being able to export/backup Garageband files? My Gen1 iPad Pro even with iOS 13 wasn't able to move those files to external storage. There may be some esoteric ways of doing it but I'm not willing to employ 3rd party solutions. Apple is way behind when it comes to making things easier for the professional musician that operates across multiple platforms, sadly.

  8. I'm looking to utilize external storage for media, I spend a lot of time in remote areas with terrible wifi speeds and want to download content from Netflix and Amazon prime before heading out of town. I'm obviously limited to the 32GB of storage on my iPad and am curious if I can gain additional space for saving downloaded content from services such as Netflix and Amazon prime video

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