GarageBand iOS Tips, Tricks, Hacks and FAQs (iPhone/iPad)

GarageBand iOS Tips, Tricks and FAQs – GarageBand iOS Live Q&A

In this live streaming video, I answer some of the most common questions I have been getting about GarageBand iPhone and GarageBand iPad recently, as well as answering live questions from viewers.

GarageBand iOS is continuing to grow in popularity and as more people start to use this free and functional mobile DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), there are more questions being asked about how to get things done so you can create…

3 thoughts on “GarageBand iOS Tips, Tricks, Hacks and FAQs (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Hello Pete! And thanks for your videos. I'm new in podcasting and I want to use garageband (in Ipad) for it but…. can't record for long periods of time using audio recorder in GarageBand

    I am trying to record long sections of audio. I turn the song section to automatic but the time it allows me to record seems completely random. It stops recording at different times even though the voice continues. I can't record more than 5-6 minutes! Any ideas? Thanks

  2. Hi sir can you please give us some tips to tune the vocals on iPhone. I mostly use garageband instruments and record vocals through iPhone mic and it doesn’t sound very good with the mix. Also looking for some tips on how to tune the vocals manually … Thanks !

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