Hack: Use Your Computer as a Proxy Server for your iPhone

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for more hacking videos, so in this video I show you how to use your computer as a proxy server for your iPhone. Using this method, you can read, intercept, redirect, and modify requests and responses to and from your mobile device. Using the same concept, you should be able to “hack” basically any app, change your scores on leaderboards, etc.

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10 thoughts on “Hack: Use Your Computer as a Proxy Server for your iPhone

  1. Smart hacker, very confidential and reliable. Get in touch if you need Unrestricted and Unnoticeable access to your partner/spouse or anybody's Instagram, hangout account, facebook account, Email, text messages. He also makes changes in database/ website such as your college/university grades.
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  2. Hey, thanks for the video. When I do this however on version 4.1.3, I only see the fields "Overview", "Request", "response" and so on, no "content". and when i view response or requests, it's written in very weird characters (like Á½Yb¾ G%_A,25Jށ”ØÄo[Л!~÷B"È©¤&ÿÀ,À+À$À#À). Any help? I did everything how you said in the video. Thanks!

  3. Can you do a video on how to bypass/hack the openDNS server at schools or work. My school uses openDNS web filter to block websites like social media. I have looked online for tons of different ways to bypass it. Proxys and VPNs are blocked so I can't use them. I don't have access to CMD because GPO(group policy object) blocks it so I would have to get admin access and that can be done by hacks. My school uses windows 7 so it's easy but I don't want to get caught doing it. I'm wondering if there's a way to do it without getting caught.

  4. This is cool. I'm studying some networking and securing spent work systems. So only up until recently do I know what all this stuff means, lmao. Ty for good vid

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