How to check for an iPhone virus

Here’s our 5-step guide to checking if your iPhone has a virus – and how to deal with it if it does.

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23 thoughts on “How to check for an iPhone virus

  1. I wanted to watch endgame at movies123. Then it started thinking so much and then it sayed that there is a virus detected. I started to panic and cleared website data and checked location services that is safari turned off. Then I turned off wifi anf bluetooth and entered airplane mode. Im still so scared:(. I was lucky that it was my gaming phone that I didnt go out with.

  2. Bruh i received a email saying that a website got me a virus called something i forgot and it can see me through my webcam , i got so scared that i just deleted the message. Is this real?

  3. i was watching some anime online and suddenly it forwarded me to a new tab and it said i had 30 viruses and my sim card and contacts will be corrupted or something like that and i’m scared

  4. Lockdown = evil masterplan they reset the marketing economic systems forced you to pincards pay worldwide ! Blocked money paying = your freedom ! Get awake dumb people !

  5. Danger app virus = hackers or revanged ict pc rewritten txt with c++ or java sctipt dossattacking or with batch files ! Untrustable are app virus ! Get awake dumb people !

  6. When you go on a porn website and it says something like “you have 39 viruses” or something like that most likely it is fake because that same number had popped up too many times. They want you to do the steps so they can potentially hack you or add a real virus. I noticed that xvideos doesnt have as many extra tabs as pornhub. Pornhub tends to have more of those type of tabs with the virus warnings that arent real.

  7. My volume button is acting weird. It takes 10 seconds to respond after pushing it, and another 5 seconds to display. So I’m pushing the volume button 10 million times while it’s stuck at 0 only to be blasted at full volume 5 seconds later… I don’t know if anyone else has this issue, and no I don’t watch porn lmao

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