How to clean a bad/distorted iPhone loudspeaker grill [REMOVE BATTERY FIRST! See description]

ATTENTION: I forgot to mention to remove the battery in the video. Before proceeding to disassembly the loudspeaker, please remove the battery connector after removing the battery/dock connector bracket!


There is no other way to clean an iPhone loudspeaker than to completely remove the speaker grill and wash it in lukewarm water.
You may try to clean it from the outside with a needle or something, but that will not help much!

Follow the steps in this video to…

31 thoughts on “How to clean a bad/distorted iPhone loudspeaker grill [REMOVE BATTERY FIRST! See description]

  1. I know how to fix only if you have a iPhone 6s Plus and down because I had the same problem so there is a microphone next to the earphone plug (mines was clogged that why I kelp hearing static/muffled/ and low volume when recording a video) get a safety pin and clean it out I promise it work💯 (mines did work for a whole week i was so mad I couldn’t sc. On the bright side it’s fixed now😁

  2. thanks, it actually works for me. the grill filter was clog with debris so i remove it and it sound much better now,

  3. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS VIDEO AT ALL this is totally wrong in every way first of all power down the phone unclip the battery then remove the screen failed to mention that speaker has 5 screws one hidden underneath the the black tape at the bottom of the speaker the antenna cable don't need to be removed at all you just need to remove the clip that's Holden the wire in place but for some reason your cable is loose and not attached to that wew metal holder at all you have to do with that rubber grill is get a can off air and spray it and put the phone back together the same way you dismantled it

  4. All that to clean the speaker? I think I’ll try a toothbrush and compressed air and just accept distorted sound. Is changing the battery this hard?

  5. Use Cello tape to collect the dust. Then use a baby wipe. Once dry use cello tape again then go over it again with cello tape and it will clean the holes and the sound will be loud again. Rather then open the device

  6. LMAO. Because we want to spend 2 hours fixing a speaker, risking damaging the phone completely. This is just silly. So many ways to do this without doing what u are showing in this video. Not worth the time and effort.

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