How to create a song in GarageBand iOS for Beginners (iPhone/iPad)

Beginner’s guide to creating a song in GarageBand iOS (iPhone/iPad)

In this live video, I take you through how I set up a new GarageBand song on my iPhone from scratch and start to build a new song in GarageBand iOS.

== Time codes & Related Videos ==

04:33 – Live Loops –
07:20 – Song Sections –
07:47 – Time Signatures –
09:19 – Apple Loops –
12:00 – Keyboard -…

29 thoughts on “How to create a song in GarageBand iOS for Beginners (iPhone/iPad)

  1. As a new GarageBand user just had a good hour of starter tuition
    I’m quite exited to get started; just need to buy a few items you recommended for the connections
    I’ve just got my new iPad and already have maudio studio monitors m audio interface and a keystation midi keyboard,
    I am certainly impressed with GarageBand,
    I started with Ableton live 9 but this looks a lot better,
    Thanks Pete,

  2. Hello Pete! I am new to your channel and I must say it is a MUST! I only saw very few videos but they are really useful and with this video I even created a some kinda silly song that I like. Thaks again and take care!

  3. Hey Pete. Just getting into GarageBand and this Video helped me out quite a bit thanks for the crash course. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Awesome job on the tutorial. I've been meaning to learn how to use garageband for a while. Got a new iphone so I figured why not. Fun times ahead! Thanks!

  5. What I want to do is put the drummer then play my keyboard and record it but when I connect it to my iPhone the sound goes away and it does now record.. I have to record my piano first can you help me with that ?

  6. I downloaded Garageband 10 on my ipad air two. It is amazing but I then discovered Magic Garageband and I want garageband 09 version. I am unable to find out how to get that version. P)lease help.

  7. Thanks for everything. I’m finally in my own “flow” with everything, and with your mixing and mastering tips I really am pleased with the quality of the final production.
    GarageBand is awesome, only because I learned so much about how to utilize all of it here.
    I was giving up Pete – I was counting on your videos to encourage me to continue working with the recording process.
    I learned to trust the process and to take my time with each step. I thoroughly watched so many of your videos, even over and over again, until I was confident with what to do.

    This is the one thing in my life where time flies and the day is over before I know it, and I’m rejoicing in a sense of accomplishment that I don’t get anywhere else.

    I only have one mastered track from GarageBand iOS so far, but I’m mixing my second original now and have so much planned to record. It’s going great.

    So thank you Pete for everything. You alone had the biggest helping hand in my music production.

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