How to edit video on your iPhone or iPad with iMovie – Full Tutorial

In this video, I’ll show you how to use iMovie for iOS. Taking you through all the steps involved in creating a movie, including importing you media, cutting clips, applying transitions, adding text and adding music.

You can follow along with iMovie on your iPad or iPhone. If you don’t have a copy of it, go to the App store and download it for free.

Note a new version has just been released. Much of it is the same but there are some new features including the ability to do Green Screen…

40 thoughts on “How to edit video on your iPhone or iPad with iMovie – Full Tutorial

  1. When I import / export a project recorded in portrait (vertical) mode, it is only saved as a small square video even if saved as 1080. If zoom pinched is used before an export, it creates side black bars. Is it a bug? How to avoid this? Any advice please?

  2. I know that InShot doesent save videos in 4K wich so far iMovie is the only one that keeps the 4k quality.
    Can you tell me if the other ones can keep the 4k quality? Thank you!

  3. I am a teacher and with the new online training needed I have to do a crash course on making video tutorials, luckily found yours, thank you so much and I will be trying to replicate your speed, just right!

  4. Off the top: I am very new to all this…… I think this is great for a beginner like me. Just want to know how can I move this to my windows computer? Once I save the movie to my Photos app, can I delete the video's that are stored in the iMovie app? Will this work using my new gopro8 black settings at 4k 30fps ? BTW: Great Video!

  5. One problem how can u move the text? Because I can’t move mine anywhere I want other than center or lower which didn’t help it gets in the way of my video of people seeing it I want to move mine to the top of the screen

  6. Can anyone tell me how to get the music to start at a certain point in the video rather than starting at the very beginning ?

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