How to Get iPhone Photos On a Mac Without Using Mac Photos App | macOS Sierra

**** The one step I didn’t mention is that your iPhone must be connected to your computer via cable (lightning or 30-pin).

If you want to simply move a photo from your iPhone to your mac computer and do not want to hassle with the Mac Photos App, this tutorial will show you how to make it happen with a program called Image Capture.

Image Capture is a simple application that works with cameras, scanners and other image hardware to move files from one device to another.

While there are…

23 thoughts on “How to Get iPhone Photos On a Mac Without Using Mac Photos App | macOS Sierra

  1. Is there any other way to import photos that don't use photos app or image capture? All of a sudden my image capture only half works. I keep getting this Error -9937 randomly that I haven't been able to fix. Trying to clean out photos has turned into such a nightmare because of the error.

  2. My photos will not show up in image capture any more. the phone is there but no photos. my photos are not in the cloud they are physically on my phone and it is running out of memory because I have so many photos. Image capture isn't working anymore. mac OS vers 10.13.6, iphone 10

  3. I love Image Capture, but it has stopped working! It shows my iPhone but says I have 0 items, when I have tons of photos and videos. Can you tell me how to get it going? I feel like iCloud is the culprit somehow but am not sure…

  4. Damn this is so much easier than the Photos app! Just a simple file and folder manager. So easy and simple.
    Sad that apple tries to force you to use "Photos"

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