How to get Ringtone on iPhone Free No Computer No Jailbreak

Download Ringtones FREE No jailbreak No Computer iOS 9.2, 9.2.1, 9.3
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37 thoughts on “How to get Ringtone on iPhone Free No Computer No Jailbreak

  1. Wow! It is so much work for ringtones! Plus, I don’t have the storage space for all that! I just got this iPhone se after having a Galaxy S5, because it konked out and this SE was on sale for half price & I love Mac computers, but I am sorry I got an iPhone. I had purchased an SE three months ago, but only had it two weeks when it was stolen! So, I didn’t have time to really work with it, and the stupid METRO PCS policy won’t let you buy another phone for the same sale price for three months! The Galaxy was glitching out so bad it was sad to see it die like that! I’ve always liked the Galaxy but ALL phones are way too big for my hands, so I got the SE thinking it would be as great as the computers & the pad but its just too incompatible with too many things that are common, plus like the ring tones, many things I used to do with one or two clicks with the Galaxy are not as simple as I feel they should be, and OMG this vid is great if anyone wants to go thru all that work! And since my last Apple product, a MacBook Air – loved that thing – to an Ipad & iPhone from the MacBook, is very discouraging because there is no memory on anything now! Can’t even use those memory sticks! Hell, I’d rather have a floppy disk for storage than this crappy little cloud! Now, I HAVE to PAY for more memory that is somewhere in the sky! That’s as bad as slow data speed – why is that? The data factory is on strike & so there is less production of data?!!! DSL was more reliable than this wireless junk! I guess I had my expectations way too high, so disappointment leading me to angry feelings is the result of that letting that characteristic slide on anything. Sorry for the rant. Thank you for the video tho!

  2. It's kinda working for me, but when I search up ringtones it saids that they are not available. For example when I search,"Don't Let Me Down," and other songs it saids the ringtone is not available

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