How to install download YouTube app for iPhone iPad iPod

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How to watch youtube on iphone, where to download youtube program for iphone
How to install youtube on iPhone

16 thoughts on “How to install download YouTube app for iPhone iPad iPod

  1. i’m watching this on my iphone and found the instructions quite confusing this it what happened.
    1) i opened the appstore
    2) i searched youtube
    but it only “Open” and brought me to this video! pleas help

  2. Alright, question:
    I'm trying to download the youtube app on an ipad – but a sort of old one. now it won't actually let me and tells me i need to update it to the ios 10.0. The device is already updated to a ios 9.3., and although we do to software update it doesn't actually update it, instead, it pops up with a square saying "please try again". What do I do in order to download it ?

  3. I am at App Store, I licked the cloud to download YouTube but it just changed to the circles for 2 seconds and then it changed back to the cloud again???

  4. This app is a piece of shit, everytime I scroll down the comments section it lags and when I stop pressing the screen it detects it as if I selected one of the comments, and it constantly brings up the keyboard to write a comment!!!
    As if it wasn't enough, I can't even complain about this issue in the AppStore, it keeps telling me I must have the app in order to be able to post an opinion, I already have that shit installe and up to date, wtf is wrong with those assholes!

  5. I'm getting a iPhone set tomorrow.. I've always used android so I'm worried about it.. Can I use and have Gmail account or other Google apps on an iPhone?? Where do I download them?? Thanks

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