How To Make iPhone Travel Videos: Cinematic Tips + Tools

Learn how to make awesome travel videos with just your iPhone. Here are tips, tools and techniques that you can use to instantly up your iPhone travel video game.

Whether you’re making travel videos for Youtube, Instagram, or just your own memories, being able to use your phone to it’s maximum potential can be one of the BEST things to learn because you have it in your pocket 24/7. So you’ll never miss a moment.

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46 thoughts on “How To Make iPhone Travel Videos: Cinematic Tips + Tools

  1. The problem with using your phone for videography for the whole day is you cannot swap batteries quickly when you're out and keep filming.

    Hopefully a battery bank can charge your phone faster than you can use it.

  2. Anyone want to start a weekly challenge shooting and editing small clips. Like 60 seconds or less. Twice a month we come up with a theme. Any grassroots takers?

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