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Learn how to scan documents or photos from your HP printer to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device using the HP Smart app.

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22 thoughts on “How to Scan on a Mobile Device Using HP Smart | HP Printers | HP

  1. NO ADD A PAGE ICON ON ANDROID FOR ME, BUT IT WAS ON THE WIN10 VERSION I JUST INSTALLED AND I GAVE YOU 5 STARS BECAUSE OF IT – HELP! I NEED IT!! HP 250 all-in-one, flipping the page after scanning to do both sides but the app thinks it's an automatic feed so presumably disables this function. The Win10 app shows the feeder as disabled, so waits for hand feeding. Android doesn't give me a 'manual feed' option in the app. It DOES scan two sheets from the feeder so I can fool it by sliding a ruler under the first sheet to hold down the switch but it's a pain.

  2. the app stays in "Fetching preview…", and doesn't do anything else. The app recognized the printer, but it doesn't print. Is there a way to just do it straight from the printer without the extra step?
    Printer: HP Envy 5055
    Phone: Galaxy S10e

  3. Omgosh… thank you SO much. You literally saved me time and money by sharing this! The app worked great. iPhone connected to the HP printer and did a great job scanning and organizing my docs which I was able to forward to my Attorney using gmail! Awesome!!!

  4. I can scan documents by controlling my HP2630 with HP Smart running on my Android mobile phone, and after scanning the app tells me the PDF file has been saved in the app's folder. But there is no folder for this app and the scanned document can't be found anywhere. Annoyingly, there are no settings in the app to select a storage location for scans. And I would have preferred the option to email the scanned document from my mobile phone. Also, frustratingly, within the app's help section, under the section 'How to scan with the HP Smart app' it only explains how to scan using your mobile phone's camera, and not using an HP printer/scanner ! that's ridiculous !! Doesn't make me think HP is smart at all. Sort it out guys, this is really basic stuff that is ruining your reputation.

  5. i have hp laserjet m1132 mfp which is not wifi friendly but its connected through cable to my laptop and then shared. But Hp smart app is not detecting it. Does this app works only on printers connected directly by ethernet or wifi ?

  6. I am trying to scan from my document feeder and my printer will not do it. It only scans form the glass feeder. How do I scan more than one page at a time. I have a brand new hp 9023.

  7. I used to scan and email with little effort, now I've been trying to send a simple PDF for a job proposal for 2 hours now. The link mentioned in other comments iPhone only…I use the equipment I purchased from hp for my small business so a lot of help is wanted!

  8. This is not working neither on my android device nor on the windows laptop and i purchased hp 126nw today but this SCAN feature from HP smart is not working. Shall i register a complaint for the same issue?

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