How to Speed up ANY iPhone (iPhone Trick/Hack)

Hey guys! I know you may be mad because this is just for iPhone users but this is a MUST use tip for those of you that have one! I appreciate you guys watching and let me know if it worked for you! 😀

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30 thoughts on “How to Speed up ANY iPhone (iPhone Trick/Hack)

  1. I will advice you to contact Alex and you will not be disappointed,he’s truthful and trustworthy in any hacking related issues…reach him on his gmail if you are interested….alexghacklord @gmail. Com ,,,am sure you will thank me later

  2. Thank you for posting this tutorial for speeding up my interactions with my iPhone. This particular type of tip really facilitates my mobile experience and I'd love to learn other ways to improve my phones functionality.

  3. For people who don't know. There's an easier way. Not saying I don't like this video because he's my favorite YouTube but there's and after and easier way. Go to settings>general>accessibility>reduce motion>and turn it on

  4. hey aaron!! What makes your phone fade like that is reduce motion all you have to do is turn it OFF
    go to
    Settings>General> Accessibility>Reduce Motion OFF

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