HOW TO: Spoof location ios 13 (jailbreak required) any iphone 2020 ios 10-ios13.3

This video will show you how to spoof location on practically any modern iphone that has already been jailbroken.

If you are interested in spoofing your location on ios, jailbreaking is the only real and effective way to do so. I might make another video on how to jailbreak using unc0ver if I find the time, but its super easy tbh and if you have ever been interested in jailbreaking now is a good time to do so.

info on GPS Master tweak:…

31 thoughts on “HOW TO: Spoof location ios 13 (jailbreak required) any iphone 2020 ios 10-ios13.3

  1. This is the first tweak that can successfully emulate a location in Find My. I tested it by using the Find My Online App on, to which it showed the fake location. All other tweaks do not emulate properly in Find My since it relies on the phones geodata and not location services. The tweak works great to emulate my Find My location at a friend’s house, and the Keep True for Other Apps feature is perfect for using Maps for directions true to my real location, while keeping my Find My location faked. Thanks for finding the tweak.

  2. I'm on 13.4.1 with an Xr. I'm not sure if I should use Checkra1n or A13 method to jailbreak? Or maybe Uncover? I'm only interested in spoofing for Pogo, and if I had a paid developer ID on Apple this wouldn't be an issue. Just impact away with Cydia. I just can't seem to swallow the pill that jailbreak is the option (because I'm clearly not paying $99 for the developers program). I'd be fine if I could even just sideload iSpoofer, but I can't seem to get the Altstore process to work either.

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