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If you jailbroke your iPhone or iPad after the evasi0n jailbreak process was released and you find yourself wanting to revert back to normal, look no more! Unjailbreaking your iDevice is relatively quick and very easy, and Taylor shows you how to undo the deed.


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46 thoughts on “How to Unjailbreak Your iPhone | Pocketnow

  1. Is it mandatory to back up to icloud or itunes can u possibly back up to seperate external hard drive? Please excuse my ignorance no laughing🙄😂😂

  2. if i unjailbreak with this method will it like COMPLETELY delete it cuz if i want to fx fix it and goto the apple store will they find out that it was jailbroken??? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!

  3. What about no computer? Is it possible because my computer is broken after it's CPU fell hard on the ground and after that though my mom grounded me for like 1 month 😐

  4. I have Iphone 4 and it is 6.0.1 ios 🙁 I wan't to update it to ios 7 but it is Jailbroken and the Apple id of the last users is he didn't remember his password. So i deleted his apple account then i registered mine, is it okay to update it to ios 7? 🙁 I badly needed it 🙁 I can't afford Any phones so I always waiting for someone to give me their old phone 🙁 Thank You.

  5. So Ok if i for example back up my data of my Iphone to my computer / laptop then if i want to restore the data do i need to use icloud or itunes or can i use the laptop?

  6. I've been sitting here waiting forever at stew he'll give me the choice to either update or restore it's just sitting here not doing anything

  7. Ok before I did my jailbreak I backed my phone up. My brother deleted my backup and I want to get back to my original version. I'm stuck now because o can use my giffgaf app which is easy and know my phone don't respring when I rejailbreak my iPhone using the pp app. I don't know what to do

  8. If you disable iCloud Backup do you have have to log out of your iCloud Apple ID Because I disabled iCloud Backup and do I log out of iCloud Apple ID? I'm confused

  9. when i restore to factory setting my phone gets stuck on the loading screen just after loading bar has been finished. Anyone got a fix for this?

  10. I'm about to unjailbreak but I don't want to……most of my apps just crash right when I open them….I got crash reporter and it says "no main suspect"

  11. I just recently jailbroke my old iPod touch 3rd generation. It was working good (slow but good) in cydia but it told me to update. I updated cydia but now it won't let me download anything. When I click refresh in changes it gives me an error message and says go back to cydia. Any advice? Thx

  12. If I already had a backup for my phone before I did jailbreak, can I still use that one or do I have to make a new backup while the phone is jailbroken?

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