How to use Microsoft Teams app on iPhone & Android

In this step-by-step tutorial for Beginners, learn how to use the Microsoft Teams app for iPhone and Android. Teams is a collaboration app with all of your chats, meetings, and files in one place.

In this video, I cover:
– How to get Microsoft Teams in the App Store and PlayStore
– How to use it

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14 thoughts on “How to use Microsoft Teams app on iPhone & Android

  1. Hey Kevin, hope you are doing fine. This video was helpful. I have an issue with audio during teams meetings. Whenever I share video using android phone during teams meeting, the audio of that video is not audible to other members in the meeting. Can you help me to sort out this issue? It will be a kind favour.

  2. I have set up a microsoft team meeting (video call) with 4 members of my team. I understand that my screen will now be split into 4 equal sizes when all four join in. During the meeting One of the member is supposed to give a live demo of working of a machine and all others are supposed to view the live demo. Now i am worried that since my screen is split into 4 small sizes the live video from that member will look small on my screen. How can make that one member alone to be viewed on full screen?

    Please reply

  3. Hello Kevin,

    Can you please guide how to
    i) organize meeting in a teams channel with email notifications to participants?
    ii) organize meeting for a private channel in teams?

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