Influencers Share Iphone Hack To Make Selfies Better

Influencers Share IPhone Hack To Make Selfies Better
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Influencers are sharing a selfie hack on instagram and tik tok, where they say that taking up close selfies with the iphone selfie camera distorts your facial features. As a photographer, I can confirm that this claim is true, and seeing as we are all stuck inside making content, I’m going to share this hack with you.

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27 thoughts on “Influencers Share Iphone Hack To Make Selfies Better

  1. Check out @adrianasahar on Instagram, lives in California and just posted a birthday party boomerang. This is why the numbers are getting higher some idiots think social distancing is not important.

  2. I tried it as I was listening to this vid. My face looks rectangular when the selfie cam is up close, but when putting it arm's length away, you can see that I actually have a heart-shaped face (ie. wide forehead, high cheek bones and small chin, similar to a drawn heart) with a bit of a jowl (because I'm heavy, and it rounds out my jawline). The selfie cam can definitely influence how we feel about ourselves, and it's important to remember that the digital image — and our self-perceptions — can be very distorted and far from the truth. The sooner you truly accept yourself, no matter your face shape or your size, the happier you'll be in life.

  3. How is this big news? It's like people are just discovering the sky is blue and then telling everyone else about it. Yeah, we know, we have eyes.

    Put another way: This isn't a hack, it's just how photography works, and something everyone should have understood as soon as they took their first selfie.

  4. Charlotte: As a photographer
    Charlotte: As a comedian
    Charlotte: As an impressionist
    Charlotte: As a potato
    *everyones knows at least one know-it-all, I’m-perfect type* 😂😂😂

  5. I have a few hacks of my own actually. First off if your selfie is grainy it’s ok to edit! I use Meitu to smooth out grainy images. If you are too lazy to get all dolled up but still want to post a selfie anyways Meitu let’s you cheat by giving you make up which I love and admit to using. Another good hack is camera angles! Angles and lighting is everything! I find that I look best when I’m gazing up and facing natural light like a window. Another fun trick is to turn the camera on your phone upside down and the images can be unique because out of habit your eyes go to where the camera is located when the phone is rightside up and it causes a little aloof look. Lighting is important, I find that fluorescent light tends to make you look worse or at least for me it does, some people look great in it. Some golden lamp lights might work better for others. So find a light source that really makes your skin tone glow. Remember you may need to take more than just one selfie. I take a crap ton. In fact I’m also a nature photographer and it’s perfectly ok and expected that photographers take more than 10 shots of the same image because you never know until you see it if any of the photos are good or trash. ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks to Charlotte of IO I was inspired to make an instagram page where I show my truth vs insta beauty. I’m not big yet but I hope to be one day.

  6. If influencers step out of their bubble they would known this is already a known thing. What’s next? They learned a new way to breathe?

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