iOS 12 Screen Recorder No Audio for YouTube FIX (iPhone X)

iPhone X iOS 12 screen recording no audio (mic) glitch when uploading the file to YouTube, Facebook, your PC, sending to a friend, etc. Here’s the best solution.

21 thoughts on “iOS 12 Screen Recorder No Audio for YouTube FIX (iPhone X)

  1. What if on the original recording there is no sound at all. I recorded on my iPhone but I forgot to turn on the mic.😬😬plz help 🙏🏼

  2. I know for sure I will be using this method but I came here because my sound wasn’t playing back when I put it on iMovie. Will this method work for iMovie as well?

  3. I tried your suggestion, sometime the audio works when I turn on the mic for recording but sometimes don't, even reverse, does it mean my phone mic has been disabling? Please I'm seeking help.

  4. Hello. I was screen recording my friends on FaceTime and I made sure that the microphone was on. But unfortunately when I tried to watch it in my camera roll there was no audio. Do you know any ways I can fix this?

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