iOS 12 VS iOS 11 INSANE Performance Results! 30% FASTER on iPhone 6 on iOS 11.4 (Speed Test)

iOS 12 beta 1 VS iOS 11.4 Speed Test Results on iPhone 6! iOS 12 Versus iOS 11 boasts Faster CPU Results on Older iDevices.
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44 thoughts on “iOS 12 VS iOS 11 INSANE Performance Results! 30% FASTER on iPhone 6 on iOS 11.4 (Speed Test)

  1. Lol so bad. The iPhone 6 can reach those scores on iOS 11 already. The performance improvements Apple are making with iOS 12 are amazing but not really noticable on a freaking benchmark. Geekbench really only measures peek performance of the CPU itself. Results on iOS 12 will be quite similar, probably just a little bit faster. To see the actual performance improvements, you have to navigate around the system, launch apps, open the keyboard and do some other smaller tasks. And again, Apple can‘t change performance of the actual hardware with a software update.

  2. They not making the old phones faster, they just got found out deliberately slowing down the older phones so now in the new iOS they left out the coding that slows the device down, so it’s now running at its normal speed. Biggest scam ever to get you buying a new phone every year.

  3. Misleading title, I thought that iPhone 6 was faster on 11.4.1 rather than iOS 12. In any case, they are giving us something but they will also take away… For example watch your battery levels when you update guys. I hear other YouTubers saying that the battery levels are dropping.

  4. Jail break or faster phone performance? It’s kinda of dumb how right when iOS 11.3.1 jail break comes out apple then releases a decent software update to fix actual issues

  5. 1:20 those ARE NOT the usual scores for the iPhone 6. Even the 5S has higher scores than that. Your baterry must be worn or you somehow altered the test. I get around 1520 singe-core and about 2670 multi-core scores. You can even compare them within the ap by using the “single core” and “multi core” tabs and you’ll see.

  6. Im getting various results on my iPhone X and dont get any improvements in score from ios 11.4.1 to iOS 12. Also it seems like the score is almost random all the time on iOS 12… Wierd update.

  7. Wait 🤔 this is no different to the way Samsung was cheating am I correct? Reading from the announcement by Apple, the iPhone works out when it needs to ramp up the cores, is that what it’s doing here like how Samsung and other companies were cheating or am I wrong?

  8. Why does he say “over 1/3, 30%”??? 1/3 is not 30% and on top of that he said over 1/3 so that means greater than 33.33% (3 repeats forever, I am just rounding to 2 decimal places)

  9. I was yet again disappointed with the new iPad pro ( previously thought from March). The real question is should I keep waitin for the I new ipad this year in Septmeber event or buy the current ipad now for school ?

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