iPhone 11 Pro Max – How to insert and remove Dual SIMs | Howtechs

How to insert dual SIM cards into the new iPhone 11. This is an iPhone 11 Pro Max with Dual SIM cards (HK version). Only HK and China versions have dual PHYSICAL SIM card tray.

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26 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max – How to insert and remove Dual SIMs | Howtechs

  1. Please I need this same information, but from Iphone 11, not pro max. Case is that Im in Spain, not China in where is mandatory the dual sim tray for this purpose. Even when the Apple site is selling the phone indicating it permits dual sim, then the tray that is coming with it, is single tray. Weird, because the secondary sim side, has a smaller size shape, non nano sim, neither the piece of black lock you are showing in the video.
    Is that possible that the functionality is not for iphone 11? I asked Apple, and they sent me another tray, but single as well, while promising the were sending the dual one.. Or should I go to the esim via operator, which i dont like.., operator and idea 🙁 Please your help

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