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After running Android for the past 6 months, I’m making the switch BACK to iOS. In my iPhone 11 Pro Max review and unboxing, I’m gonna let you know why I’m ditching my Samsung Galaxy S10+ to re-enter the Apple iOS walled garden. Subscribe to mrkwd tech for more videos: 👈🏻


MY CASE: Olixar Carbon Fibre Case 👉🏻 iPhone 11 Pro Max 👈🏻

15 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max Review: From Android to iOS | mrkwd tech

  1. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a fantastic device. Has the best display with True Tone, 120Hz Touch-sensing, Haptic Touch, Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10, Colour accuracy, 1200 nits Peak Brightness, Raise & Tap to wake, fastest processor (A13 Bionic), Taptic Engine, Wide, Ultra Wide and 2X Telephoto, 2nd-gen Smart HDR, Night Mode, HEIF photo compression, f-stop Depth Control, Portrait Lighting, Wide angle selfie camera, Stereo Video Recording, Animoji & Memoji, stunning battery life, Spatial Audio stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos, Polished Stainless Steel, best water resistance at 4 meters for 30 minutes, Wi-Fi 6, Face ID, Neural Engine, AirDrop, Dark Mode, Apple Maps, iMessages Apple Music, AirPlay, Side silent switch, eSIM, More battery health controls, longevity in software support and longer sustained resale value etc.

    Plus I believe they make the best laptops and. computers (MacBook Pro 16-inch | Mac Pro & Pro Display XDR), tablets (iPad Pro 4th Generations), smartwatches (Apple Watch Series 5) and wireless earbuds (AirPod's Pro).

  2. I did the same , I had an s10 plus and went to iPhone 11 Pro Max , the iPhone feels a lot more premium in the hand to be honest and battery does last a lot longer on iPhone too .

  3. 1:05 stupid words. Why would you loose software features for that? I mean yea it would be nice to have reverse woreless charging, idf sensor but compromising software for hardware? Nah. I aint even watching this review

  4. Android all the way. I like the hability of downloading any king of file and move it to my computer later on as well as being able to plug a flash drive. The fact that you can have a totally clean home screen is also priceless as well as renaming, reshaping icons etc.. And what about not having the same thing that 50 other people have around you just cause #teampopular iPhone bois! No thanks, Apple has was lengthy way to go yet. You can't watch 4k YouTube on iPhone either. What's the point ?

  5. I've been on Android since Apple released the iPhone 5, I been on Nexus, notes and now pixels using every Google app from calendar to Google music, YouTube red, Google photos. I'm strongly considering going back to Apple because I'm disappointed with pixels offering for the second year in a row. Were you tied into Googles ecosystem like this, if so did it cause you many problems switching?

  6. Are you young? Did you say closes apple has come to competing to android devices eh. You do realise iPhone was first smartphone and set the bench mark you do realise apples smart phone sales for years was the number one until a few years ago up until just after Tim Cook took over.

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