IPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing | I switched from Android to iPhone 11 (Lifelong Android user)

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29 thoughts on “IPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing | I switched from Android to iPhone 11 (Lifelong Android user)

  1. Went from galaxy s7 to the iPhone 11. HUGE difference. and after only a couple days of using it, i know I won’t be going back to android for a long long time.

  2. Ok this vid is half a year old! How are you doing with it? I've had nothing but samsung phones (right now I have the note 10+). I wanna try iphone but from what I've seen, it's too restrictive. I'm used to doing whatever I want on my phone with no issue.

  3. I had the note 8 and didn't like it. I had the Note 9 and loved it. Now I have the Note 10 plus and it's a completely different phone from the Note 8. Note 10 + perfect phone. I had the note 5 also and didn't like it to much. The Note 10 plus is by far the most different and amazing phone from the Note line. Also note 10 plus can charge other phones and when my phone is at 50 percent I'll charge to 100 in 20 min with 25 w charger that comes in the box 🤣

  4. You took the best decision. Congratulation. You’ll see the differences. iPhone is another world, much more better. Everything of it work perfectly. Best quality. Fantastic ecosystem: one day you can improve your experience with Apple Watch, AirPods ecc. And with the new iPhone Pro you have also one year free subscription of Apple TV plus. Try it , it’s very very good. Ps to have more options keep pushed an icon (for example the wifi or the icon of iMessage).

  5. Ive never had an iPhone without an home button i have the space grey iphone 8 plus and i might be getting the 11 in black or yellow i need help choosing???

  6. Ok I hear the battery problems my note 10 plus with its 4300 battery is verry good but all phones batteries after years go bad after a year they degenerate on use

  7. Verry sad I would of got a iPhone this year and switch over to ios but the new iphones uggly af and this note 10 plus in my hands I just find to be better and its rainbow so I cant

  8. I need to get with the widgets lol. I really want the 11 for the picture quality and I feel like it’d be more convenient to vlog! This means you should vlog all the time now haha.

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