iPhone 11 – The Best iPhone in 2020

The iPhones 11 lineup has some great phones with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. After using all of them for a few months, the iPhone I recommend for most people is the iPhone 11. In this video I go over iPhone 11 specs, battery life, cameras and more to show you why I think iPhone 11 is the right option for most people in 2020. #iphone11 #ios13 #apple

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34 thoughts on “iPhone 11 – The Best iPhone in 2020

  1. This phone will give you MUCH more than 7 hours of battery life if you;re not consistently on your phone the entire day . I get 12-15 hours battery life easily.

  2. Should I buy the iPhone 11 for 750€ Brand new?
    Or should I wait for the iPhone 12…
    Do you think It will cost anywhere near the price point I'm about to get an iPhone 11?

  3. This is my dream phone to have but I can’t afford it because I’m a college student now and I hope someone gave me as a best gift for me and if that’s happened I will be the happiest person in the world 😭❤️

  4. I would upgrade from the XR to the iPhone 11 for…
    1. night mode
    2 wide angle lens. It doesn’t bother me that it doesn’t have a tele lens

  5. I have a Google pixel 3 xl and am looking to maybe change to iPhone because I have nether had iPhone and I'm due an upgrade and just want the best value for money iPhone

  6. I'm looking to buy this iPhone on a plan at Optus would you recommend for my first iPhone and I'm going to buy it for my birthday witch is 30 of may and I'm turning 18 years old.

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