iPhone 12/Pro Ultimate 0-100% Charger Test with MagSafe!

How Fast is MagSafe Compared to 7.5W Qi Wireless and USB-C Lightning cable fast charging? And Can you use an 18W or an Anker 20W Nano Brick?
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MagSafe Charging Speed with older iPhones and Android:

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26 thoughts on “iPhone 12/Pro Ultimate 0-100% Charger Test with MagSafe!

  1. Did the Results surprise you? Will you use Magsafe or stick wire wired charging? Let us know below!
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  2. In short, YES. But only the dual charger as the portability is great when traveling, still sucks that the iPad Pro is usb-c otherwise the 20w lightning would have been the one to rule them all. Apple, you dropped the ball.

  3. You didn't say anything about the charging status after the battery fully charged, so your hiding the safety point that magsafe is trying to save the battery life.

  4. Just trying to figure out how not to keep stabbing the port on my phone. It's what destroyed my Samsung devices. Having said that I keep a charging brick anyway for my devices. And wireless charging is the way to go. Do I need a full battery 24/7? No! And in 2021 if you haven't figured out that charging your device during downtime is a function of life, I submit you may be dumber than a box of rocks.

  5. I bet MagSafe lowers charging speed based on battery temperature, that’s 1 reason why u don’t see a big dif.
    Also MagSafe doesn’t support fast charging either 🙄

  6. Such a disappointment! I have just ordered a MagSafe charger for my iPhone 12 Pro for the sake of having one and this video made me regret my choice. Should I seriously be bothered to put the old fashioned cable away to make room for the MagSafe charger? I don’t wanna have too many things scattered on my bedside, the purpose is being practical on a daily basis. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

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