iPhone 6 Loud Speaker Replacement, Speaker Phone Fix

Awesome little Smart Phone Tool Kit on Amazon:
Loudspeakers can be found HERE:


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44 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Loud Speaker Replacement, Speaker Phone Fix

  1. I can hear threw my speaker just fine , ( always works ) but there are times while the person I am speaking to can’t hear me.( but I hear them just fine) .i have to switch to use holding the phone up to my ear ,and then can continue having my conversation. If I switch back to speaker after a few minutes it will work ,briefly then start cycle again (they don’t hear me ). But I can hear them just fine . I also noticed that my talk texting doesn’t work either . But like I said , I can hear using speaker just fine . What do I have to change out to repair the problem ? Is it still the same part that is bad ,as shown in this video. Thanks for the help

  2. I can communicate with someone on my Iphone 6 loudspeaker setting but can't hear anything when i talk with the phone next to my ear, neither can anyone hear me on the other end. Which speaker do i need to buy?

  3. Anyone else here because when they call someone the speaker is covered and you can’t hear them nor they hear you if yes and you found a solution please let me know ASAP

  4. Dropped my iPhone 6 while playing music and the music stopped and so did all the other sound on the phone. Saw this video, purchased the speaker and install kit for $12.00. Followed the video very slowly and was able to get it installed successfully. I will say the toughest part was putting the antenna back in, that was a pain but just have some patients when reinstalling. Thanks for posting this, you probably saved me about $100.

  5. I replaced the speaker restored my iPhone and the audio sometimes works if you hard reset works for about 5min then it doesn’t work it doesn’t let me watch videos HELP

  6. Hey everyone after replacing my speaker when I turn my phone on the audio sounds distorted and if I turn the volume up too high instead of increasing the volume the phone will power off. Any ideas where it comes from ?

  7. Pls help I don't know what I did but I turned my phone on and went to yt and heard like a glitchy sound when I play the sound and idk how to fix it pls pls pls help 😭😭😭😰😰😰😥

  8. Great video. Big help. Saved me from buying a new phone. I am however curious as to why my home button is tethered to the board in a really obtrusive way and I didn't see that here

  9. Hi jerry, thx for guides. but i have the problem here. Ive forgot to unplugged the battery connection cable and now my phone wont charged.

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