iPhone 6 no rear no front cameras–can we hack up a solution?

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24 thoughts on “iPhone 6 no rear no front cameras–can we hack up a solution?

  1. Hi Jessa. This is a bit off topic but still related to photosensors. Any way, you know how, to hack a SEGA Saturn's light gun (which uses a photosensor which similar to what digital cameras use I believe) that only works with the usual 15hz refresh rate CRT tv to work with a 60hz PC CRT monitor? Could the sensor be overclocked or something using resistors or transistors?

    Thank you. God bless, Proverbs 31

  2. Hy Jessa. Maybe I found a way to check whether the enable signal for the U2301 is working in general. I am having an iphone 6 here with no front and rear cam. I desolderd U2301 in order to check whether the enable signal is set by the CPU. I attached my multimeter and switched on the phone.
    Durning boot.The enable line went to 1,8V for some seconds and then back to zero. I gues this is part of the power up test of the phone.

  3. I've a couple iPhone 6 and 6 plus that random reboot by himself, I already replaced battery but still the same problem.
    I check the voltage when the iPhone is charging and it looks like normal, I don't think it's a tristar problem.

    Can someone help me please?

  4. i like what you do, but who has 2 1/2 hrs a time to watch. I know there streams but many people just watch the playbacks… Just saying i think their far too long…sorry

  5. I have watched the video twice and a few others as I have a problem with an iPhone 6s and 6s plus that just has me stumped!

    Both have huge shirts to ground around the CPU chip. I have spent AGES trying to find the short, but still havnt been able to locate it.

    A few more videos on diagnosing large shorts would be amazing as I don't want a "please bro" solution, but to learn myself 🙂

  6. 1) If the 2.85v regulator's enable line still goes to the CPU and is low then tieing it high with a jumper could damage the CPU. Don't leave it that way. 2) diode mode can test for protection on chips in various places. Where the first test on the LDO_EN line showed just OL you could have flipped the polarity of the meter or gone to the 1.8v instead of ground until the known good board showed something that could be compared with the device under test. Even without a known good reference board, such nonstandard diode mode measurements done with the LDO regulator removed could tell you if that enable line is connected on its other end. 3) Check for a short on the 2.85v rail. The regulator, enabled by your jumper, could have been driving a trace that was mashed into the ground plane. Good luck and thank you for sharing these research journeys.

  7. You must kidding me this time? You spent 2 hours and 27 minutes to fix an IPhone 6 camera problem? It can be done in 20 minutes OMG I don't know what kind of technicians you are

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