iPhone 7 First 10 Things To Do!

The iPhone 7 is finally here! Now that you have unboxed it and ran through the initial setup process there are a few more things you should set up to get the most out of your new phone! In this video we discuss the first 10 things you should do on your iPhone 7 for the best user experience.

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38 thoughts on “iPhone 7 First 10 Things To Do!

  1. me watching this because my dad took my phone and put his sim card in it and turned off find my iphone and is using my phone that i paid for so my mom is giving me her old iphone 7

  2. Just gonna say this.. Do you still have the iPhone 7, and if you do, could I possibly have it cause right now I have a LG k10 android and I hate it, hope you see this!

  3. I've only used Andrioud. The last iOS device I've used was iPod Touch 1st gen, which is from… I don't know, 2005?
    Anyway, I'll get an iOS device in the following months. This was helpful, thanks.

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