iPhone 8, X, XS, XR: How to Change Font/Text Size Across the Board

I show you how to increase or decrease the font size or text size across the board. Once you set this it will change the font/text size everywhere… emails, whatsapp, home screen, calendars, notes, text messenger, your app, etc. This will work on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XR. Let me know this helped or if you have any questions thanks.

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19 thoughts on “iPhone 8, X, XS, XR: How to Change Font/Text Size Across the Board

  1. It just works for apple apps, good luck with the third party apps…for a phone this size, and cannot have larger fonts is absolutely stupid

  2. I was on my phone and I think I clicked something on accident and the font on YouTube changed and I don’t know how to change it back ;^;

  3. Hey I’m on a iPhone XR and on a game called “Order and Chaos 2” and my screen is zoomed in and I can’t reach certain options so I have to rotate screen to press on a button

  4. Hello, thanks for the video about increasing the font size. Do you know if I am able to increase the font size on Pokémon Go on an iPhone 8? I have a defensive retina condition.

    Thank you,


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