iPhone Apps on Mac?! WWDC 2019 and the Future!

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Marzipan is the code name for Apple’s multi-year project to bring UIKit apps to the macOS. In other words, apps made in the newfangled iPad way, rather than the traditional AppKit way for the Mac.

We saw the awkward early stages last year at WWDC 2018 with the release of Apple’s first iPad app ports, News, Home,…

41 thoughts on “iPhone Apps on Mac?! WWDC 2019 and the Future!

  1. I believe Apple were the best back in the day. But now they are about riding the wave, hiding behind principles and generating smoke out of their "virtues", rather than being the best, coolest thing for people to use.

    They've used to satisfy a need. But now they satisfy themselves with quarter reports.

    How would they beat Galaxy S10 this year? Quick tip: They won't! (Remember, Samsung are fellow signallers themselves! )

    Apple would've been the antipod for Google — a hardware and service provider who charges money — yes, more! — honestly! And stand for genuine interests of their users. Now it's "we've decided what's better here, we're keeping this for our next release (you've been asking for it for 9 years, correct? Uh-oh, is anyone here?!?) there. But DAE cares about privacy, certainly not Google DAE".

    Apple used to have three quintessential edges on Android:
    Now they've lost the first two, and didn't have enough of the third one in order to prevent losing the former.

    Just admit that it's over. Apple are bound to stagnate and die without Steve Jobs. This is the era of competition, not of "join the un-retarded club for $200 more". And they are not zest enough to adapt

  2. Apple have lost their direction. They'll just milk "hooked up 'Mericans" for few more years, before dying in obscurity due to inability to compete

  3. They really need to make Computer, tablets and phones all run on the identical code. If they did this and the only differences between the devices was the interface, one could link ones phone, tablet and computer together and the OS could use the processing power of all three to work on whatever computing you were doing. It would give Apple the ultimate 'eco system' that NO other supplier could compete with.

  4. Without UI adaptation, using iOS apps on Mac OS will not be pleasant experience. I already dislike how News looks and feels like, it is obvious why desktop OS and mobile OS need to stay separate.

  5. Sadly I feel Apple sees the OSX devices like the Mac as a failure but their iOS devices like iPhone and iPad a success. Their solution will be to put iOS on all their devices but this is terrible IMO. Of course companies are in business to make money so if the Mac isn't a big seller it will be killed.

  6. I really hope they won't bring all those privacy-offensive nonsense in the iOS apps over to macOS, where developers are able to monitor and record every actions of the users on their apps.

  7. I want development to go both ways if developers want to do it. I want FireChat app on my Mac and I want BiglyBT Software on iOS.

  8. Marzipan could show a future touch enabled macOS for 2021 release…single unified iOSification applications progressive and forward, i doubt by 2021 we'll continue using the magic mouse / trackpad of the mac, multitouch comes the macOS finally would be nice, and also iMessages in Notification centre where you can reply also.

  9. What he says at 6:50 is precisely the problem. If a developer is starting to design a new app, they are essentially incentivized to create it in ui kit because that opens up far more platforms then app kit would. Ui kit would essentially have to absorb app kit to make this scenario none catastrophic for mac users

  10. The moment I can right click and see what I'm supposed to see, that's when I feel it is in the right way….
    I think for some apps, that's going to be great. Netflix, Overcast, even graphic editing apps…

  11. I love Guilherme Rambo , he was on fire during the weeks and months leading up to the iPhone X release , he dissected iOS 11 beta and the HomePod beta and found alot of clues for us .

  12. Marzipan needs to be Xamarin for iOS and Mac OS. Common Code base. Allow for a common UI for those who want a cakewalk porting to Mac, and for those with a bit more time, allow for platform specific UI and interactions. Xamarin is already really powerful, I made a couple apps in school with it.

  13. These Vector videos are very good, Rene. I find myself watching virtually all of them, and so I subscribed to your channel. Keep up the good work!

  14. I honestly don't mind, as long as developers have the option to create a macOS interface for their apps. If they have a unified App Store eventually, I hope that means that apps like Xcode will be on iPad!

  15. Yes, this will be a very positive thing for both the Mac and the iPad. Can’t wait. However, Apple will have to pry the Finder from my cold dead hands if they ever try to abandon it! 😡

  16. Good video Rene. Nice to hear from a developer perspective.

    Personally I’d like a YouTube and Twitter app like iOS on the Mac.

    Hopefully it doesn’t deter native Mac app development tho! I understand concerns from the Mac community

  17. As soon as “ 10 iOS apps for the Mac “ becomes trending YouTube or blog post we can kiss the nay sayers and the Macintosh die hards who think iOS is going to stupify the platform because it states off as a mobile os away….

    Because technically macOS started of as a typewriter with graphics editing and music playback

  18. I’d love iOS apps on MacOS. The MacOS Store is even more dead than the Windows Store in terms of basic apps (at least the Windows Store has Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix etc.) so I cant see how this could be a bad thing. MacOS has its fair share of design & video editing apps but most developers that can use web based versions never end up making a native MacOS app as it’s not economically viable. It would certainly make me more likely to upgrade my Mac to something that supports the latest version of MacOS.

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