iPhone Buying Guide – 2019

iPhones are getting more and more expensive, and sometimes newer isn’t always better. What iPhone should you buy right now in 2019, and which is the best value?

Conclusion: 4:21

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iPhone XS:
iPhone X:
iPhone 8:
iPhone 7:
iPhone 6S:
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47 thoughts on “iPhone Buying Guide – 2019

  1. I paid $100 for my 6S with case and Gorilla screen protector (Facebook marketplace) and the only needed upgrade was a $23 battery {off Amazon}. Used same supplier I used to buy my 5S battery (paid $150 for 5S 3 years ago!!), and both can last > 36 hours on a charge. Transferring my iCloud backup to the 6S was beyond easy, and I still use my 5S as an extension in the house when on wifi, even without a SIM card, thanks to ATT. They are both 64 GB, so I use the 5S in the car to bluetooth my music collection and can enjoy blasting my tunes UNINTERRUPTED and use the 6S for everything else. Never had a cracked screen and both have been in cases their entire lives. It was a royal PIA to change the batteries on both (esp. the 5S due to the home button flex ribbon), but well worth the time. The fingerprint sensor works on both phones. These models are the best iPhones of their time, and the 6S remains relevant to this day. My 6S is running IOS 13.3.1 flawlessly. To pay $1000 for a phone is just crazy, even if it's an iPhone.

  2. How rich do they think we are, I’m stuck over here on an iPod and now I’m gettin the iPhone 6 and I’m so thankful I don’t care how good it works as long as I can have a phone.

  3. Ive got a Samsung S8 coming to me brand new. I have watched several videos comparing it and the ios10 and decided Samsung was for me. My wife just an i6 and she is already disheartened.I Phones are way over rated ! DEADEYE

  4. $1000 is a lot for a phone especially cause they have a new phone coming out every year In September so it will be outdone I don't now how to say it but you guys probably understand what I'm trying to say

  5. 6s is best cheap iPhone it can be found 2nd hand on ebay in good condition for around $100 bucks now , no way im paying 400 bucks for the 7 or 600 for the 8 just not worth it

  6. I dont really want an big Iphone im an andriod user and i wanna switch to Iphone because i make Gacha videos and i like the screen recorder and emojis so which phone should i get i dont like big ones!!

  7. My friend was saying if I trade my iPhone 8 he said he will give me his iPhone X just iPhone X. And 50 dollars 💵. Should I do it? Also the reason why he said he wants me to trade because It was kinda small.

  8. Bro,I am from Bangladesh…I have a cheap symphony phone of 6990 taka…I am so carefully using it for 2.5 half years but now the phone is not usable anymore…my dad lost his job but I needed a phone….I asked my dad but he said his disability….
    if you helped me by giving me an used I phone of you, I would be so grateful to you….
    Please don't think that I am lying..all the things I said is true….

  9. I have a 5S and it's still a good phone even after almost 6 years. Even if it doesn't get iOS13, it should still be able to run all of the latest apps for at least the next 2 years in iOS 12. I think Apple should also make a compact variant of the iPhone XS that you can easily use with one hand.

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